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  • To establish, run operate and maintain University Institute of ICT/SIT. Medical Technology and Dental College, Technical Schools and Colleges. Polytechnic Institutes and other Educational and Research Institutions for the promotion of Science and Technology; for imparting On Line Education ISP with VSAT and for the diffusion of useful technical knowledge and skill fro human development.
  • To educate individual in all branches of Information and Communication Technology, Arts, Science including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Agriculture, Language, Development Planning, Economics and other courses and subjects of the study.
  • To provide demand driven Education, Research and Training in different disciplines required for social development.
  • To engage in charitable and welfare actives strictly on non profit basis.
  • To organize, Seminar, Workshop, Conference, Symposium, One-on-Policy Dialogue with Policy Makers to identify, disseminate constraints of social development and propose implementation actions to remove such constraints. to social development and propose implementation actions to remove such constraints.
  • To establish linkage with Government, Non Government, Semi Government. Private and Public Sector Organizations and assess their need for human development.
  • To establish with International Educational and Research Institutions to acquire and disseminate Technical and Technological knowledge and provide on campus and off campus education and training required for social development.
  • To publish News Letters. Journals and other search and study findings for the welfare of the society.
  • To seek assistance within Bangladesh from any Organization or Agency or Government for support needed for any of the programs of the Foundation.
  • To seek and receive donation and other support from persons. institutions and organizations (National. International. Multinational) and use the same for the purpose of the Foundation.
  • To cooperate, assist, support in implementation of joint programs with organizations and Agencies seeking the goal of social development in Bangladesh.
  • To establish in Collaboration and Affiliate with other University Educational any any Training Institutions. Laboratories to provide job oriented General and Technical Education/Training to maintain their rules and regulations on education, training and research actives both at home and abroad by signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • To purchase. hold acquire and develop such assets as land, building, transport, equipment and other facilities required for implementation of any program to be undertaken by the Foundation.
  • To create charges on the asset of the Foundation required in connection with grantee repayment of loan, interest etc.
  • To borrow or raise of secure the payment of money in such manner as the Foundation determines from time to time.
  • To grant scholarships. Awards Honor. Stipend for trainees and distinguished persons at home or abroad.
  • To establish, support or aid in the establishment and running of Associations. Institutions. Funds Trust and conveniently calculated to benefit employees of Foundation or the dependents connected to such persons and to grant pensions and allowances and to pay towards instrance and to subscribe or contribute money to employees’ provident fund and to open School. Hospital, Club Co-operative Shop and to provide suitable living quarters.
  • To ake necessary steps such as opening of bank accounts etc. towards proper management f all financial and other support received for implementation of the programs and authorize person or persons or operate such bank Accounts.
  • To invest such surplus fund as may not be immedately required for its programs as the Foundation may deem fit and to vary such investments from time to time.
  • To institute, conduct, defend or cmpromise legal proceedings by or against the Foundation or its officers in respect of matters affecting the Foundation.
  • To entr into agreement with any person, Organization, Institution required for achevement of any of the bojects of Foundation.
  • To elect or appoint office brearers/staff members of the Foundation.
  • To take over and underake respondibiulity for management and administration of any Enterprise or Organization, Institution and wilol be supportive to the achievement of the objectis of the Foundation.
  • To print, publish any news papers, books, brochues, periodieals. pamphlets, leafletsl or posters that may be considred desrable for the promotion of any of the objects of the Foundation.
  • To remunerate any person including directors who will render srvices to Foundation.
  • To engage Local and Foreign Experts, Academicians. Researchers, Consultant, Program Directors tec, for implementation of any program.
  • To take affiliation for School College, University College. Institution and face Accredition Council for Private Universities in Bangladesh.
  • To establish, run charitable Hospitals and other Medical faclities of proper conduct of Medical Education and research and to serve suffering humanity.
  • To take-up Projects for mass living, slum clearance, rural developement, eradication of beggar eliminating of poverty, arsenic mitigation, environmental, protection, establishment of human rights, eradicaion of Chld Labor and job oriented Technical Training.
  • To arrange burials of restitutes and management of grave yard, worships.
  • To search sponsors for providing sponsorship for education for the Socially disadvanaged students especially female studens.
  • To do all such things as are necessary or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Foundation.